Communicating Plan – How to Make a Relationship Stronger

Step #1

Think about one thing that your partner does that you find difficult to live with and that you would like to see change.

Step #2

Think out how you want to present it by filling out these sections:

  • What makes me angry or upset?
  • Provide two examples of the irritating behavior or regular event.
  • Describe as clearly as possible how it makes you feel.

Step #3

Your spouse should ask three questions about the problem.

Step #4

Take a break and spouse comes up with a solution that can make the relationship stronger.

Step #5

Spouse presents the solution.

Step #6

Both partners check out how the solution is working two weeks later.

Note that putting solutions into practice in couples is notoriously difficult. Both partners should be willing to bring up the same problem a number of times if necessary to make the solution a habit within the couple.

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