Eating Tips for Those Suffering from an Eating Disorder

Where to Eat:

Eating should happen sitting down at a table. It is not a good idea to eat in front of a video screen (TV, computer etc.) of any kind screen can actually reduce self-control.

Standing when eating is not a good idea. Those that eat when they stand tend to prepare, eat, prepare, eat, prepare eat. Soon you have no idea what you ate or how much, a sure recipe for panicking after eating.

Preparing a Meal:

Prepare the whole meal and then sit to eat. Drinking what you eat and eating what you drink is a good idea, i.e., eat slowly and chew your food well. Once the meal is done, leave the room and do not return for 20 minutes. It communicates to the body that you eat what you need and that it is OK to stop when you are full.

How Much to Eat:

Sometimes, plates are not the best thing to eat off of. The plate looks big and the food in it may look like it is way too much. Some persons with eating disorders have used a bowl, put a mark in it and used it as a gage for how much to safely eat. In the bowl, the food does not look as scary and the quantity is easier to control.

So…how big should a mouthful be? A mouthful should be a heaping tablespoon (a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half). This portion allows you to chew well and allows your satiety (appetite) centre to work better.

It is a good idea to pause once in awhile and to listen to your body. Making eating a social time is important as well. Stopping to talk and listen is actually good for the eating process. The pauses allow your body to better assimilate your food.

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