Moncton Psychology Resources for Child Related Issues

Emmrys Dawe Parlee Group has collected several resources concerning psychology assessments and therapies for children. Here you can read articles and learn more about programs on topics from ADHD and attachment issues to parenting and custody. If you have any questions about the resources found here or would like more information, please contact Emmrys Dawe Parlee Group in Moncton for more details.

Children 3 to 6

Emotional Talk Coaching Exercise

Two Chair Techniques

The Discipline - Nurture Dichotomy

Children 7 to 11

No Program

The Discipline - Nurture Dichotomy

No Fault Rule

Children 12 to 18

Short Positive Contacts

Chatting Routine for Building Intimacy Skills

Social Skills Feedback Protocol for Teachers

Attachment & Bonding

Bed Time Routine

Parent Manual

Intimacy Strategy for Clinging Kids


Bullying Fact Sheet

School Bullying 7 – 11

School Bullying 12 – 18

School Tips

Homework Tips

Right Approach to Getting the Teacher’s Help

Relationship Based Class Management Program

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