Intimacy Strategy for Clinging Kids

Charles Emmrys PhD

Thinking behind this technique

Clinging kids are children whose attachment is colored by anxiety. Because of this, they may be overly focused on being close and not focused enough on relating. The following technique is intended to recreate a balance between closeness and relating.

The Technique

When a child wants to cling he/she will have to purchase a hug. This is how it goes:

  1. If a child wants to hug or kiss you it will cost them a story about themselves. (Something they did that day, something about their past or something that they learned).
  2. After a story, the child can hug their parent for 90 seconds.
  3. If they want another hug, they will have to buy one at the same price.
  4. If the child tells short stories, the parent has the right to insist on a longer one.
  5. A child can purchase 4 hugs per hour.

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