Right Approach to Getting the Teacher’s Help

Charles Emmrys PhD

Everyone needs help from teachers every once in awhile. Knowing good help asking skills is important for students. The “I don’t know” and the “I can’t” approach rarely works. The following is a program that practices the “do what I can” and the “let’s try it” approach. The following allows a student to learn the best help asking skills for school and college.


  1. If you find that you did not understand what class assignment your teacher was asking of you, ask the teacher to explain just what she wants you to do.
  2. When you understand what is being asked of you but are unsure as to how to proceed, proceed by giving it a try. Even if you are convinced that what you are writing is wrong, continue for a while to do as much as you can.
  3. After you have done the best work you can, call the teacher over to have it checked.
  4. Never say “I don’t know”. Always say “I will try it and then I will ask for you to see if it is right.
Teacher help tracking table

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